Week 35 Bump Update-1 MONTH away!!

How far along: 35 weeks 6 days
Maternity clothes: The dress I'm wearing in the chalkboard picture is not maternity, just a maxi from Target that I love! Still loving all of the Purebody tees (especially the long sleeve ones) from Gap as this fall weather comes along!
Stretch Marks: Not yet (And hopefully not ever!) I am lathering on the Burts Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter
Sleep: Well, today's not a good day to answer this question! I was up from about 3-5am last night due to cramping and just being uncomfortable. I hope it doesn't become a regular thing!
Best Moment This week: Seeing that beautiful carseat in my backseat! Mr. Wild Things has been SO on top of things and helping us be prepared, and he installed the carseat this weak. I love driving around and seeing it in my mirror :)
Worst Moment this Week: The fact that it's a 5 day week-not a specific moment, but I am just exhausted!
Miss anything? Wearing cute shoes :/ I am pretty bound to flip flops, but I'm hoping as it gets colder I'll be able to wear my favorite fall boots!
Movement: All of the time! Baby is getting big so this can be a tad uncomfy at times :)
Food Cravings: Dunkin Donuts decaf Caramel Iced Coffee... my new favorite!
Pregnancy Symptoms: Same as last week---EXTREMELY swollen ankles and feet.. yikes!
Looking forward to: Just like the chalkboard says--fall weather and cuddles when baby comes! I get teary eyed just thinking about the amazing months ahead. :)


  1. You look awesome!!! Not too much longer and will get both cuddles and cool weather. :)

  2. You are just the cutest preggo!! I can't wait to "meet" your little pumpkin!!

    A Tall Drink of Water

    1. You are so sweet- thank you! Can't wait till our little pumpkin is here! :)