Weeks 31-34 Pregnancy Updates!

Hi everyone! I am so sorry I have neglected all of you lately. Being 8 months pregnant, teaching 4th grade full time, taking a grad school class, and coaching varsity volleyball has made me one exhausted woman! I am finally getting into a routine for this school year, the nursery is ALMOST done, and I am packed and ready for the hospital! (Insert HUGE sigh of relief here.)

I know I can never be fully prepared for the life of parenthood and what's to come in the next month, but I love being organized and as ready as I can be! Mr. Wild Things has been amazing with all of my crazy requests for preparation.. Love him to pieces!

Here are some chalkboard updates from the last few weeks! :)

How far along: 34 weeks 5 days in the most recent picture
Maternity clothes: I am OBSESSED with Gap and Old Navy's maternity clothes! I am wearing a few of my MUST HAVES for pregnancy in these photos. 31 week photo I am wearing a Gap Purebody vneck (I have this in 5 colors, and the long sleeve in 3 colors).. they are SO comfy and soft! I am also wearing these Old Navy workout maternity capris in the 31 week and 33 week photo! I have them in the black and gray and LOVE them. They are only $14 which is a STEAL!
Old Navy's Maxi dresses are also a MUST! I have this one that I am wearing in the 32 week photo in 3 colors, and I love this striped one in the 34 week photo. So comfy, and cute!
Stretch Marks: Not yet (And hopefully not ever!) I am lathering on the Burts Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter
Sleep: I am so exhausted by the end of the day I fall asleep very easily. However, I am dying of thirst all night and drink about 5 glasses of water, which means I pee about 5 times!
Best Moment This week: Having a week day date night with the hubs! We had a doctors appointment so we both went and then went to the mall to get a cute hospital bag and cute pjs for me for after baby, and out to dinner together. It was so nice to take some time to enjoy each other during the week with our busy schedules!
Worst Moment this Week: I had a student in my class diagnosed with Hand, Foot and Mouth disease and it's going through our school so I had to go in for another appointment and have blood tests and things. No fun!
Miss anything? Those "soft" baby kicks and rolls… now baby is a large ninja in there!
Movement: See above comment :)
Food Cravings: ICEES! My classroom does not have AC, and even though we are starting to get somewhat fall weather, with no air circulation my classroom has been around 84 degrees. After a long day in this an freezing blue raspberry icee is just the cure!
Pregnancy Symptoms: EXTREMELY swollen ankles and feet. That 34 week chalkboard ain't lying… this momma has HUGE kankles. It is so incredibly frustrating because there is nothing I can do. I drink a TON of water, eliminate salt, wear comfy shoes, and by the end of the day my feet and ankles are ballooned. I am having a hard time putting tennis shoes on for volleyball… YIKES!
Looking forward to: Sharing pictures with everyone of the beautiful nursery! Every time I walk by it I stop in and just sit and enjoy it for a little bit. I LOVE it :)

I am working on getting better about this whole blogging thing and balancing life, I promise! Enjoy your weekend, everyone! I am under strict instructions from hubs to lie with my feet propped up and relax with a book. I am off to follow orders. :)


  1. Your pictures are so cute...I love the chalkboard designs!! I really don't know how you are fitting it all in.....blogging, teaching, coaching and getting ready for baby!! Can't wait to see nursery pics!!

    Mind Sparks

  2. You are so adorable in all of these pics!! Enjoy your last few weeks of pregnancy before that baby makes an appearance!

    Wild About Fifth

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