36 week bump!

How far along: 36 weeks 5 days
Maternity clothes: Purebody black tee from Gap, maroon maternity skinny pants from Gap
Stretch Marks: Not yet (And hopefully not ever!) I am lathering on the Burts Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter
Sleep: Not enough and a little sporadic! Waking up too much because I'm uncomfortable or have to pee… yuck!
Best Moment This week: Knowing that it's baby's birthday month! Can't wait for this little bambino to get here :)
Worst Moment this Week: Waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to fall back sleep.. makes for very tired mornings!
Miss anything? My feet not KILLING at the end of every day.
Movement: All of the time! Baby is getting big so this can be a tad uncomfy at times :)
Food Cravings: See the picture for all of my favorites :)
Pregnancy Symptoms: Same as last week---EXTREMELY swollen ankles and feet.. yikes!
Looking forward to: Appointment tomorrow! I love hearing baby's heart beating :)

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