A Vintage Book Themed Baby Shower

I shared a little sneak peek of my baby shower a few months ago, but I'm here to share lots more photos of the amazing event that my best friends and family put on for me.

My sister in law organized everything, with my sister and closest friends pitching in to help! Everything turned out BEAUTIFUL and I absolutely LOVED the theme. :) We now have SO many books for Dean's library and are loving reading them to him each night (he's 10 days old!)

Without further adieu… a picture walk of the beautiful day!

 {All of the food had a children's book to go with it-- so sweet!}

{Since we didn't know if it was a boy or a girl, guests put their sour patch in front of Joe's or my picture to guess!}

{We truly were showered with SO many gifts!}

{My MIL and mother taking a selfie!}

{My cupcake--had to have this one of course!}

{This was made by one of my great friends, Caity and is now hanging in Dean's room!}

{Each table had a book center piece--this was mine, of course! :)}

{Caity and I!}

{Sister in law Adrienne and I}

{Mr. Wild Things came to help carry stuff at the end! My good friend Sarah is in the middle}

{Kate, my amazing and creative friend who made all of the beautiful and unique stationary!}

{LOVE this adorable blanket made by my brothers fiancé, soon to be SIL!}

{She made this, too!}

{One of Dean's most unique and personal gifts, love it!}

{Tonya and I!{

{From my sister for baby Dean!}

{Part of the awesome favors}

{Guessing belly size}

{Children's book quiz game}


As you can see, it was an amazing day filled with love, laughter, and friendship! Our little family felt so blessed to have all of these amazing people come together to celebrate our new bundle of joy. 


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