Wrapping up the Year with a GOOD Book!

We are in the final countdown over here Where the WILD Things Learn… 5 days!!

Our state testing is usually 3-4 weeks before school lets out, and many teachers struggle with what to do those last few weeks of school once testing is over. You want meaningful lessons that review previously taught skills, but you want them to be fun and engaging since the kiddos are bouncing off the walls. PLUS, they need to be flexible due to all of the craziness of the last few weeks.

A few years ago I came up with my solution, our Fantastic Folder unit… Narnia Lapbooks! :)

The last few weeks of school are always spend reading The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe in my classroom. It is an absolute classic, and every year my students all LOVE it. We have so much fun building our Fantastic Folder, and they are so PROUD of their finished work!

Here are some photos of us in action the last couple of weeks with this unit!

My students did a PHENOMENAL job with their setting covers this year. I had to take so many pictures!

The Fantastic Folder gives us 10 workable "flaps" to glue down interactive foldables and cover so many topics such as: Setting, Characterization, Theme, Summarizing, Cause/Effect, Figurative Language, Symbolism and Imagery, Making Connections, Author Study, Vocabulary, and Compare/Contrast!

If you're interested in doing this wonderful unit in your classroom, too, you can pick it up from my TPT store by clicking here or on the picture below!

We will be finishing up the book on Friday, and watching the movie! I always serve powdered donut holes and chocolate milk while we watch the movie so we feel like Edmund meeting the White Witch and having Turkish Delight! We also do a great compare/contrast activity! 

Then, we still have 3 days next week full of craziness! So what will we be up to? Here's a few things!

For morning work, and during any down time, students will be making their Year End Memory Books. They LOVE working in these, and they're practicing writing skills, too! Win, win! :)

My students love figurative language, so why not review it with a fun, summer-themed game? We "Splash into Summer with Figurative Language." We will be playing this on Tuesday during ELA time.

We spend lots of time talking about our year, and students each write a page in our "How to Survive 4th Grade" book. I bind it to read during the first week of school to next year's 4th graders! :) This is a freebie in my store!

Last year, while making Mothers Day crafts, one of my students asked why we never did anything for our Fathers, and I thought.. you are TOTALLY right! So I whipped up this little craftivity and we make them during the last week to save for Father's Day. I love how they turn out!

On our last day we do an awards ceremony where all students receive a unique, personalized award. We talk a little about each student and explain the award, and they love it! There is currently 32 different awards in this pack, and I will be adding 10 more tomorrow! :)

My students go home on the last day of school with their "Bucket of Fun" for the summer! In this bucket I put a Personalized Subway Art about each child. They absolutely LOVE this, and so do my parents. It's such a unique, and personalized way to show students how much you care about them and love them. I also put a book in their bucket that I get from the Scholastic Warehouse sale, and a summer reading pack! :)

And that's all, folks! WHEW! That post made me exhausted just writing it. It is definitely a long couple of weeks, but we get so much learning and FUN out of our time together! :) I hope this has inspired you to do some of these fun things with your kiddos, too!

Make sure you check out my BBB, Jivey's linky party to see more end of the year book ideas, and see how she uses my Narnia Lapbook in her classroom! :)


Cute and Easy Parent Helper Gift w/ FREEBIE!

Happy Tuesday, everyone! Just popping in to share something I "tried" this year for all of my amazing parent helpers!

I wanted to thank them for helping out in our room and show them our appreciation, but on a teacher's budget, this can be hard!

A while back I saw a cute pin on Pinterest (I can't seem to find it, if you can please let me know so I can give credit to the original idea!) So, I decided to go with it! 

You can download these little cards for free by clicking on the picture above or clicking here! :)

Enjoy the rest of your night! I am linking up with my BBB, Holly!


Living Wax Museum=SUCCESS!

So as I was doing some professional development blog stalking/procrastinating, I realized I had never shared our successful Living Wax Museum! :)

Each year this is the most popular thing that we do in 4th grade. In fact, I get questions about it from the beginning of the year because they all remember visiting the previous year's museum, and can't wait to do it!

We start our unit at the end of February. We spend the month of February reading mini biographies about Famous African Americans and understanding what biographies teach us. We even do a little mini autobiography writing unit! Then, the last week of February we do a close read on a different Famous American each day. (I usually choose ones from Ohio to tie into our social studies standards, too!)

I then give my students a week to choose their top three choices for their Famous American project. This way they can discuss it with their parents and really research different options.

Then we are off and running on our projects! We spend three weeks researching and writing our research reports, a week making our brochures, and a week practicing our speeches and getting our museum ready.

Without further ado… here are pictures from our museum this year! :)

{The entrance where I greeted guests and told them about our museum!}

{Mia Hamm, Michael Jordan, and Scottie Pippen}

{Thomas Edison}

{Jackie Robinson, Babe Ruth, and Hank Aaron}

{Captain Phillips}

{Billie Jean King, Clara Barton, and Amelia Earhart}

{Charles Drew, Susan B. Anthony, and Bessie Coleman}

{Walt Disney, Benjamin Franklin, Albert Einstein, and Buckminster Fuller}

{Close up of Billie Jean King}

{Rosa Parks}

{Elizabeth Blackwell, Davy Crockett, George Washington, Sacajawea, Sandra Day O'Connor}

{Louisa May Alcott, Mary Cassatt, and Georgia O'Keeffe}

{Close up of Buckminster Fuller}

And this is just a few of my 60 fourth graders who did this project! Aren't they amazing? I was one proud teacher to say the least! Every year I am fighting back tears (or just letting them roll) because I am so proud of how hard they work and their projects! I love seeing my shy students shine while giving their speeches because of their confidence in their work! 

If you're interested in doing this in your room, I HIGHLY suggest it! This can be found in my TPT store by clicking here or on the photo below!

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, friends! :) And hopefully the last few days/weeks of school go by quick… we have 8 more days… eeeek!! :)


Our week in Pictures!

It's been a crazy week in room 219… I am SO glad it's all over! :) But we sure had some fun through all of the craziness. Check out some pictures to see what we were up to! :)

{With state tests starting Tuesday, Monday was our testing tailgate! Students were so excited when they walked into this.}

{Hula hoop relay races… had to answer questions before!}

{One of our stations games}

{More relay races! I'm reading in my coat because I was SO sick!}

{So many of these amazing ideas came from Amanda @ One Extra Degree! I absolutely love her Test Prep Blitz pack!}

{My sweet, adorable, amazing friend Holly from Fourth Grade Flipper sent me this adorable box full of goodies for testing week! Brought me to tears! So lucky to have so many great bloggers as friends :)}

{Our principal comes in to chant and cheer with the kiddos to get them ready, their little note from me, and my adorable girls made my name in pretzels during our afternoon snack!}

{Hubs and I were NOT happy about the Brown's draft!}

{Ready to make our Mother's Day crafts!}

{Supplies to make glitter magnets to hold our craft!}

{Even the boys had a blast "glitterfying" everything!}

{They turned out ADORABLE!}

Hope everyone else had a WONDERFUL week, too! I am planning out all of our end of the year activities!

We will be reading The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe and doing our Fantastic Folders! This is probably my favorite thing to teach all year and I love seeing how proud the kiddos are of their folders when they're all done!

I also just started working on my personalized subway art for each of my kiddos end of the year gift! I made this into a product after so much positive feedback on my gifts last year! It's a cheap, but amazing, unique and personalized gift for the end of the year! Pick it up by clicking here or on the picture below.

 Enjoy the weekend :)