An Island in the Snow? Looking back at our week!

Happy Friday, everyone! I am officially on Spring Break…. yahoo!! :) Here's what we've been up to this week!

1. I am SO proud of my students who meet during small group time for Close Reading activities. They are becoming text evidence experts, and I love seeing their progress. I use a lot of Fifth in the Middle's Close Reads, and they are a wonderful for my students! I love how they are differentiated so I can use the same topic with multiple reading groups.

2. My kiddos have made SO much progress in their grammar skills this year. We actually looked back at our first Mentor Sentence of the year this week to see how far we've come. We use Ideas by Jivey's Mentor Sentences Units and LOVE them! Honest to goodness, my students get excited for grammar. If you don't have these, RUN to her store and get them now! :)

3. We did some Reader and Writer's spotlight this week! First, I passed out scripts from this book of Fabulous Idiom Plays.   I put my kiddos in groups, they assigned character roles, and practiced. We performed a few at the end of each day. They LOVED them. Then, they wrote their own with their group! It was a BLAST! 

{One of my sweeties is HUGE into light shows, and he brought us in a spotlight to use for our writer and reader's spotlight!! SO fun!}

4. We started some Project Based Learning using the topics: The 1893 Chicago World's Fair, Mr. George Ferris, the original Ferris Wheel, and other World's Fairs. I will be blogging more about this soon; it is so awesome what they are doing!

5. Today was our last day before Spring Break, so it was Island Day! Of course, true to Ohio form, we have an inch of snow on the ground to celebrate… YAY! [insert sarcastic voice] We celebrated with beach ball fun in the cafeteria, island gear and decorations, watching a beach movie with our Kindergarten buddies, and snow cones!

I hope you had a wonderful week! Check back tomorrow to see tons of pictures from our Living Wax Museum! :)


  1. One more week til Spring Break for me!!! I'm READY! :o) Thanks for the shout-out, friend!!! xoxo

  2. Thanks for sharing your cool ideas.
    I found you on the Five for Friday linky.
    Sandra's Savvy Teaching Tips