Making Learning Magical with Harry Potter- Part 3

Welcome Part 3 of this mini blog series! If you are just joining us, you can read Parts 1 & 2 here and here.

If you haven't jumped on the Harry Potter in the classroom bandwagon yet, I sure hope you do soon! This was the most magical month in my teaching career, and I look forward to doing it all again next year.

So, let's get to part 3! Week 3 in our book study we focused on Chapters 8-11.

*I have to be completely honest here. This was one of the craziest weeks of the school year. Partly because of all the hands-on fun we were having, and partly because of conferences and report cards. So, unfortunately, I was TERRIBLE at taking pictures during Week 3 of our book study. I will include everything I took here, and a little freebie as an apology!*

In these chapters, the friendship between our main character trio is really developing. I spent a lot of time in small groups with my kiddos discussing our their relationships developed, finding evidence, and comparing and contrasting characters.

We delved deeper into student life at Hogwarts by looking at the different classes students took and their professors. I gave students a chart with certain boxes already filled in. Students worked in their houses to complete the chart by looking back in the chapters. We did this as a race, and the first house done correctly earned 10 points!

We continued with our vocabulary study throughout these chapters! We focused on 4 words a chapter, and added these words to our word wall.

For Chapter 10, I did something a little different. I gave the students blank vocabulary boxes, and they chose 4 new words to write down as we read. After we finished the chapter, I had students share their 4 words and get in groups with someone who had at least 1 of the same words they did. They discussed the new words and finished their boxes with these classmates. It was a fun new way to do vocabulary!

After reading Chapter 11, we learned all about the rules and regulations for Quidditch! This was a great "how-to" writing for my students, and I took a writing grade on their finished work. They created a Quidditch Official Craftivity which looked AWESOME on display. I of course forgot to take a picture of them, but I will try and post a picture of the sample here soon! :) They LOVED being able to explain the rules just like they were "officials".

We finished our week with our fun day Friday activity-- Potions class! A potions class wouldn't be complete without a Snape costume, so make sure to grab your black wig, robe, and mean scowl for this lesson.

**I WISH I had pictures of this in action for you, but I was too busy running around trying to keep the controlled chaos under control. :) It was an absolute blast and although it might sound intimidating, I HIGHLY recommend you include this in your activities!

I included a detailed teacher's direction page to explain how this worked in my class. You can use these images for free. :)

Students received a "First Year Potions Handbook" when they walked into class.

I used the labels I created to make all of the ingredients "authentic" and I got a cauldron for each house to mix their potions in. It was AWESOME! I HIGHLY suggest getting a large amount of plastic table clothes to cover the surfaces students are working on. This does get a little messy! Also, I borrowed Science lab goggles from my teaching partner and my students loved wearing them. :) This entire lesson was a huge hit!

These potions were inspired from these 2 pins:

Stay tuned for the last two weeks of activities! Potions class was probably the most crazy day in our unit, but there is A LOT more to come! :) The magic continues next week!


  1. This sounds like it was so much fun!! I always forget to take pictures when there's lots of fun going on too!!

  2. I'm reading this from Paris. It's rainy and cold and I'm bundled up on the couch. About to brave the elements to do a walking tour of local cheese shops. Should be fun. Kinda like potions class! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Amelia,

    Potions Class!!!! Aww! So fun! What a great idea! I love all of the graphic organizers and interactive activities you've created too. Thank you!

    -Stacia :)
    Collaboration Cuties

  4. Ok. You are going to need to dress yourself up again and take a picture of you being Snake!!! I would love to see it. I am really thinking about taking a chance and doing this book with my students. It's only a few weeks. I might be able to get away with it if I can prove that I am still doing all the skills and concepts I'm supposed to do. I just love this.

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  7. Question - did you use a plastic or metal cauldron? Thanks!

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