Making Learning Magical with Harry Potter Part 4

It's time for part 4 in our series! If you missed the previous posts, you can read Part 1 here, Part 2 here, and Part 3 here. 

All caught up? Okay, let's go!

Week 4 in our magical unit was full of laughter, learning, and lots of mess! During this week we focused on Chapters 12-15.  Throughout these chapters we continued with our vocabulary and comprehension questions as we read. But then, we had more fun activities, too!

Chapter 12 is when Harry finds the Mirror of Erised. You guys, I cry in this chapter EVERY time. Like goosebumps, tears streaming, crying! When Harry sees his parents…. it gets me every time! 

I love seeing the emotion in my students during this chapter. J.K Rowling really sets the mood and opens up a great discussion about the author's purpose and mood of the book. As soon as we finished reading this chapter, I had my students do a quick craft. We did it right away so the feelings were still fresh in their minds!

I had my students draw what they would see in the Mirror of Erised: There Heart's Deepest Desires. I wish I would have gotten more pictures, because I was loving all of their responses! But here is one I managed to capture real quick!

On the back, they wrote about what they drew. I loved this one! He wanted all of the animals to get loving homes from the shelter. How sweet is that? :)

I'm ashamed to say I didn't take great pictures of the next two activities, but I will tell you all about them and they will be included in the novel pack! 

In chapter 13, Harry remembers where he had heard the name Nicholas Flamel before; on a chocolate frog trading card! So of course, we made trading cards for characters in the story. I actually let students trade their finished product with other students, which they LOVED!

For a fun brain break one day, we played "Transfigurations Charades." I divided the class into 4 teams. Students were given a card with an animal on it. Without talking, they had to "transfigure" into that animal in front of the class. Their group had 1 minute to guess what they were. We kept score, and the winners got jelly beans. 

The last activity of the week was both messy and chaotic, but an absolute blast. We had "Herbology Class." For this class, we made Herb Playdough!

I didn't tell my kiddos about this ahead of time. They walked in to find this on the front table. Naturally, many "Ooh's and Aaaah's" and lots of squealing started.

I did not tell students what they would be making. Each house leader was given their Task Card that you see pictured below.

Then I went over the rules:
1. The house leader must read ALL of the instructions before they begin.
2. Only one person from the house could approach the table at a time to get ingredients.
3. I had to pour the boiling water in their bowl (I used a Electric Water Kettle from Kohls for this part)
4. They could make as many batches as they had time for in the 30 minute period.
5. They earned points for successful batches and team work, and lost points for mistakes and arguing.

I put 30 minutes on the timer, and they were off!

What were they making?!?! Herb playdough, of course!

They were all so excited to take some home. The smells in our classroom were VERY interesting! Some of the spices and herbs I used were: ground mustard, paprika, cinnamon (smelled delicious!), cocoa powder, garlic powder, chili powder, cumin, all-spice. We had a blast!

Thank you for reading all about Week 4! I will be telling all about our final week in my next post, this weekend! Wait until you see all of the fun we had and our big end of book celebration! :)

Also, my goal is to have this pack done by the Part 5 post (it is a HUGE pack!) So check back for that, too. :)

It is now available and you can purchase it HERE! :)

Have a magical day!


  1. This is just simply amazing! I can't wait for the next post!

  2. Amelia,

    I am finally caught up reading all of your amazing Harry Potter posts, and I just LOVE them!!! They are making me so happy! You have covered every detail- even the spices have adorable labels! Your students must be loving this, and they are learning and reviewing important reading and writing skills at the same time. Hearing those squeals of excitement is the best part of teaching! Thank you so much for sharing your magical unit!

    Collaboration Cuties

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