Messy and Perfect~ Saturdays and Teacakes

The first week of this school year is in the books, and I think we finished it with a bang!

Between all of the constant practice of routines and procedures that we do during the first week, I always try and squeeze in as many fun reading activities that I can. I take a poll on the first day of my students who love reading, kind of like it, and don't like it at all. I tell them it is my personal goal and mission this year to help every one of them find their "forever" book and their passion for reading. I set out to do this right away!

This year, we are taking the lead of the wonderful Teaching with a Touch of Twang (Sabra is amazing!) and taking the #ClassBookaDayChallenge! We will read 1 book for ENJOYMENT My students are overwhelmingly excited about this challenge (I will share in a separate blog post all of the fun Sabra and I are having with this amazing challenge!)

For now, I want to share about our Friday book: Saturdays and Teacakes by Lester Laminack.