Read-A-Thon 2016!

Do you see the enthusiasm in those kiddos faces? This was after an entire day filled with…. READING! Seriously, 4.5 hours of solid reading. And they loved every single minute of it… they even wanted to stay after school and read more! :)

After reading this post from the amazing Joanne, I knew I HAD to do a Read-A-Thon this year! I figured the last day before Thanksgiving Break would be the perfect time!

My amazing teaching partner made this chart for students to track our progress throughout the day. I bought two service bells off of Amazon.

Each time a student finished a book they got to ring the bell, color on the bar graph, and we did a little quiet celebration! It was music to my ears all day long! :) 

Each hour, I started with reading a chapter from one of my favorite books to kick off the hour! I read a chapter from Wonder, Fish in a Tree, Pax, and The City of Ember. I had kiddos begging to read each of these books after!

Since it was the day before Thanksgiving, students earned a feather for their turkey for every 30 pages they finished. They got them silently throughout the hour, and at the end of the hour before we reset a new theme, I had students glue them to their turkey. 

Our first hour was flashlight hour! Students read around the room with all different flashlights, and I passed out a snack bag of bright yellow snacks (I had amazing parents volunteer to bring in snacks!)

Hour 2 was fireside reading! (This was probably my favorite hour!) I pulled this video up on the Smartboard:

My kiddos loved the fireside sounds, and then they were able to enjoy their s'more snack! :)

To keep enthusiasm going, I did a quick book raffle halfway through the day with some of my newest favorites I had ordered from Scholastic. To make it quick and easy, students just put their name on a post-it note and stuck it to the book they wanted to read first. I randomly pulled one off and that kiddo got the book before anyone else had a chance to read it. :)

Hour 3 Reading Glow Worms/Glow stick hour! We listened to instrumental versions of some of the most popular songs now, and enjoyed our gummy worm snack while reading by glow stick light. 

Our last hour was beach hour! I didn't get a picture of this unfortunately, but we enjoyed island Capri Suns, and I pulled this video up on the Smartboard for us to read by. 

My students were SO proud of how much we read, and I was so incredibly proud of them. It is definitely something we will continue to do throughout the year, and I highly encourage you to try it yourself! :)


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