The Lowdown on Literacy Live!

If you've been following me over on Instagram and Facebook, you know how excited I am to be working on my Literacy Live courses, bringing my love of novel studies and using authentic, quality literature to more teachers just like you!  It has been great connecting with teachers all over the country through our Facebook group and I can't wait to keep sharing and learning more alongside you all.

If you haven't heard about my Literacy Live courses, I'd love to give you the lowdown right here, right now!
Whether you are at school working after hours in your classroom or enjoying a hot cup of weekend coffee (amazing, right?), please come with me as I walk you through these courses, which have now become my passion.

Literacy Live courses are different than other online courses you've seen before.  I have designed everything you need to implement novel studies that will provide your students with rich learning and deep understanding- much more than just a simple read aloud!  Each Literacy Live course comes with the digital novel study with daily lesson plans, a course notebook, weekly overviews, small group activities, mini lessons, reader’s workshop, plus BONUS content (which is typically 100+ pages of extra goodies for you)!  All the things you’ll need for each lesson- anchor charts, small group games, comprehension activities- every minute is laid out, just print and go!

But what makes it even better is that each course comes with detailed videos I've made for you where I break down the nitty gritty of each day of the novel study! I take the time to show you every part of the lesson plans and highlight everything I've included for an engaging, fun learning experience that you can do every year!  It's literally videos of me explaining everything you’re going to do each day, so all you have to do is print the lesson plans and your course notebook, watch the weekly video and take notes, and then teach!!  It's that easy!  Most of the novel studies are 4 weeks long, but you can easily just watch one week's video, teach it, and then come back again for the following week's video.  You have *lifetime* access to the videos, the lesson plans, the bonus materials- it's all there every time you want to read and study these amazing books with your classes.  And I promise once you see how engaged your students are, you will want to teach these every year.  I've even included STEM activities and challenges that go with each novel.  I love being able to have valuable cross-curricular experiences with my students.

One of my favorite things about my novel studies is the amount of differentiation I am able to get in.  Having small group time is so vital so that I can meet my readers right where they are.  In my daily lesson plans, I provide ideas for on and above level comprehension groups, groups with phonics goals, groups with comprehension goals- it's all there for you!  These novel studies are generally geared towards fourth and fifth grades, but they can easily be modified for third or sixth grade.  There is so much room to use these activities across multiple grade levels.

A lot of you have asked about my classroom transformations.  Although I don’t do them for every book, transformations can be done for most books and I will include those for those novel studies that I currently do transformations for!  We have so much fun with Harry Potter each year, and enjoy following along with the Iditarod every year when we study Woodsong.  Transformations are totally optional and not necessary to have the full effect of using these novel studies, but they can be a lot of fun and I love the way they enhance the learning in my classroom.  There are so many wonderful things that you can do in your classroom with these books, whether you choose to do a classroom transformation or not.

I really am just so excited to share these courses with you!  I know your students will love these books and these activities just as much as mine do.  These novel studies and classroom transformations are something I truly look forward to every year!  I love these books and have a plan to include all of the titles below in my Literacy Live courses.

Thank you to all of you have already signed up for the courses and who have joined our exclusive Facebook group where we share ideas, pictures, and more!  If you are interested in seeing more, all you need to do is click the image below or hop on over to to get more information!  Happy reading!!


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