About Me

My name is Amelia Capotosta, but many call me Aimey (I know, weird spelling!) Of course as a child "Amelia Bedelia" books were all of the rage, and although I was named after my great grandmother, I couldn't help but be annoyed by the endless references to the every clumsy, literal-minded housekeeper! So, "Aimey" was adopted! And I won't even go into how we got the spelling this way (let's just say it's amazing I learned to spell my name in kindergarten..."Amy? Aime? Aimee? Amee? Aimy? AIMEY!"

Anywho, I taught 6th grade Social Studies and ELA for 2 years, and a few years ago I decided moved districts back to my hometown of Wadsworth, Ohio, where I am in my 6th year of teaching 4th grade Language Arts and Social Studies and I LOVE it. 4th graders are the best and I never want to leave!

I have been married to my FAB hubby for 7 years now and he's quite the hunk if I must say so myself...

What a stud!

Okay, one more wedding picture since I just got all sentimental looking back at them again! :)
My FAV photo from the special day!

We have a lot of wonderful friends from high school and college that we still keep in touch with constantly, and love spending time with them!
Our large, beautiful wedding party and closest friends!

Hubby is a Mechanical Engineer and definitely the ying to my yang (corny, corny, I know) but it's true! I'm the love to read, book worm, history loving teacher, and he's the math and science loving engineer... hopefully our kids will be covered with homework help one day ;)  We have to boys together, a 3 year old and a 1 year old and there is never a dull moment in our home!! 

Other things about me: I have always coached volleyball at some level (varsity, JO travel, etc.) and I still love to play the sport!

I love to run and workout, AND eat lots of unhealthy food like chocolate and chips.. oxymoron, I know! I am incredibly bubbly and smiley! I talk fast, often, and loud. My students last year would say that "Mrs. Capotosta must drink a lot of adrenaline every morning!" I don't like coffee, tea, or really anything of the sort. I can go for the occasional Starbucks specialty cup, but for caffeine, Diet Coke is my habit of choice! (Yes, I'm one of those... COCA-COLA PLEASE, no Pepsi!)

In my free time I enjoy designing wedding invitations, programs, etc, reading OF COURSE, and spending time outdoors with my kiddos!

I am a huge proponent of an interactive, engaging, and hands on classroom. I put my students at the center of learning and spend very little time lecturing or having my students take notes. 

A happy teacher is a successful teacher and I try to live by this every day! If you like hearing crazy, funny, and a little wild teaching stories, and want to see some fun and engaging ways to keep your wild ones tamed, this blog is for you! :)

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