My Classroom

A tour of Room 219

{My room from the back looking towards the door!}

{Behind my desk with my toolbox, organized drawers, note for the teacher bin and lamp!}

{My Word Work station. Lots of bins filled with dry erase markers, magnets, stamps, Thesaurus' dry erase boards, clipboards, playdo, and more!}
{More Word Work bins}

{Word Work Table}

{Full view of Word Work}

{Student Book Bins.. blue for one class, green for the other}

{Brain breaks, pick me pot, and compliments jar}

{Team caddy's with dry erase answer circles}

{Comfy reading corner!}

{Most of the reading corner.. kiddos LOVE this place!}

{View from my desk of the room}

{Left front of the board with Grizzly 5 Rules, Noise letters and schedule}

{Table in front of my desk where students turn in work, birthday balloons, and early finishers bin}
{Homework board}

{Back in my library, more shelves!}

{More of the shelves!}

{Library bins! I do blue for fiction and green for nonfiction}

{Close up of bins. Labels from my Turquoise, Lime, and Yellow classroom decor pack!}

{View of my desk}

{NOISE letters for classroom management.}

{Another view of the reading corner!}

{READ sign}

{Daily schedule close up}

{View from reading corner towards door}

{LOVE my word wall. I use glitter clothes pins to attach cards to the ribbons}

{Our Work Sparkles! Student display bulletin board}

{Student desks}

{Close up of the tree! We talk about our brains being "bare" before reading, and as we read we GROW. Students get to add a leaf to the tree each time they finish a book so it is full like our brains by the end of the year from reading!}

{Welcome sign outside my room}

{Full view of "Wondrous Words" word wall}

{Work on Writing Center with my Interactive Writing tri-fold from my TPT store! Also, I use the curtains for "teacher area" so students know not to go in there.}

{On my door. Still need a few more decorations up here!}

Hope you enjoyed your field trip to my room :) Thanks for stopping by! 


  1. Wow! I am a student teacher this year so I'm just now starting to think a out how my room will look and collecting ideas. Your room is amazing!!

    1. Thank you so much! I wish I could be a full time classroom designer.. haha! :) Good luck student teaching and designing your own room soon :)

  2. I love all of the matching decor!! It looks fantastic.

  3. WOW! I student taught and subbed in Wadsworth (was my dream job but I gave up after two years of dreaming...) I was very excited to keep reading and investigating your classroom :) You and your fourth grade partner look familiar but I don't think I ever subbed for either of you. I love everything about your room and your daily schedule. I currently am teaching third grade at Apple Creek Elem. (first year there) and am inspired by you! I would love to hear about daily 5 in your classroom with fourth graders- I feel like I am struggling with certain things during daily 5 with my third graders. Wadsworth is lucky to have you!

  4. I love the idea of adding leaves to the tree. How did you make the tree?

  5. I love your classroom! I have the same color combination in my class. SUPER cute!